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Chang’s Taekwondo Academy offers excellent quality training in the lifestyle and martial arts of Taekwondo. This school is designed for all ages from 3 to 103. The curriculum is geared to not only teach the art of Taekwondo but includes physical fitness, discipline, self-control, confidence, and perseverance. Taekwondo does not only test one’s physical stamina and reflexes but also requires spiritual reflection. The owner and staff have over 30 years of experience between them. They teach old-world Taekwondo taught to them in South Korea as well as modern new-age physical fitness.Taekwondo is a Korean branch of learning developed during the 1940’s which combines elements of Karate and Chinese martial arts.

This school also offers sparring classes, adult classes, self-defense, and demo instruction with more types of programs being added as the school continues to grow and expand. The class schedule is expansive and varied offering 6 days of classes that cater to almost every busy schedule. Each student will work towards testing to the next level based on learning Taekwondo kicking, breaking, forms, self-defense, and tenets/oaths/creeds. Students that continue with Taekwondo can earn college scholarships and its popularity is on the rise. It’s a worthy commitment for yourself and your family.

Try a 4-week trial at $69 including a uniform. Sign-up as a family and create a healthy tradition of spending time together learning the lifestyle and martial arts of Taekwondo.